Browns Hollar Creations

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My husband and I have farmed/gardened for many years. He retired and we started getting our farm in larger production as he would have more time. We have expanded our garden to 3 acres with blackberry,blueberry and an apple orchard comming on. We have a large flock (300) of hens that we sell the eggs from-brown eggs, free ranging on 4-5 acres of land. We are certified to sell any where in the state of TN. I sell to several resturants in Sewanee now. I was asked by the mayor to organize the farmers mkt. 4 yrs. ago. We have been graciously donated a space and we all came together and built a pavilion so that we could sell our products and have plenty of parking.
We also have meat goats that we produce and bees and we produce honey.
We are gearing up for the upcomming season and enjoy raising our different eggs, livestock, and produce to help meet our needs and some of the communities.

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