KIC Produce

My wife and I grow beyond organic fruits and veggies on our 1 acre farm. Keeping It Clean Produce began as a personal desire for fresh, clean produce that we could trace from farm to table. My grandparents began teaching me gardening over 30 years ago, and while things have changed some, the passion has not. While we are not certified organic, we label our produce as beyond organic, and here’s why. We grow only gmo free varieties. We source only organic seeds, and in many cases grow heirloom varieties. We are very strict with our growing procedures, using only organic fertilizers and compost and we are of course a pesticide free farm. In the event that we would need to use a organic approved method of pest control we will clearly label the product that is for sale. The only sources we use for watering needs are rain catchment systems and clean well water. Keeping It Clean is what we are all about.

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