Dayspring Farm


We are a small 2 generation family farm located on the Cumberland Plateau and committed to farming with sustainable methods and improving the land that God has blessed us with.
We raise grassfed and finished beef under the guidelines of the American Grassfed Association. Our small sheep herd is also raised under those guidelines (Bottle raised lambs are creep fed with non-gmo feed and that will be reflected in any marketing of that meat). We believe in providing a humane and natural environment for our ruminants that includes rotational grazing on a wide variety of forages. Their contented lifestyle is reflected in the quality meat we offer.
Our affiliate farm, Pig Mountain, raises pastured pork. We also have a small poultry flock consisting of heritage chickens, white midget turkeys and Muscovy ducks. Our flock is pasture-raised and fed a non-gmo feed supplement. We are NPIP certified and we sell live animals and eggs and raise meat for our family (Lack of an accessible USDA processor prevents us from offering poultry meat for sale at this time). Our family garden provides us with food for the family and an excess that we sell at farmers markets. We garden using organic seeds and starts and saved seeds and grow everything using only organic methods approved by OMRI. Our cattle, sheep and chickens provide us with quality compost to enrich our garden. Although not commercially grown we also have grapes, blackberries, blueberries, apples, pears and cherries that we grow for our own enjoyment. We have an small apiary onsite to support bees for pollination and honey production.

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