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Time to Order Local Food!

Good Morning from the South Cumberland Food Hub. The weather is definitely telling us fall is here, and our first heavy frost is coming quickly. This means we will say goodbye to most of summer’s bounty and look forward to the cold “sweetening up” our fall greens and cabbages.

Keel Produce Farm has collard greens in abundance- this is a very nutritional green, high in folate. He also has white turnips that are very nicely flavored with a bit of sweetness to them. I had a piece of raw turnip yesterday from a white turnip about the size of a softball and was surprised at how delicate and flavorful it was. They obviously taste great even when they’re big.

Check out the rest of our produce including garlic and herbs such as cilantro. This is an excellent time to get fresh herbs that like cool weather- they are at their best now.

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We’re open till noon. Have a great weekend :)